Early Treatment

Early treatment can be considered any treatment prior to the eruption of all of the permanent teeth excluding the wisdom teeth.

There are many situations where early treatment can be beneficial, but it is not indicated in most cases. If treatment is indicated at a younger age, we try to limit it to less than a year, so as to maximize the benefits and minimize costs. As your orthodontist in Melbourne, FL we would not recommend early treatment unless it will save total time and money for treatment or prevent damage from occurring while waiting for the other teeth to erupt. Often times early treatment can prevent the need for extracting permanent teeth when moderate crowding is present. Even with early intervention, full braces are usually needed later, as teeth that aren’t erupted can’t be fixed at that early stage. If cosmetics at a young age is a concern, treatment can certainly be offered, but it is usually not cost or time effective unless there are other problems that need addressing.

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