Emergency Info

If a problem occurs during orthodontic treatment, someone will always be available to help.

If the problem occurs during office hours or it can wait until then, we will set up an appointment to take care of it as soon as possible. If the problem is causing discomfort and it is after hours, please call our office at 321-254-5232. The message will give you a phone number to reach Dr. Reddick or one of our orthodontic assistants at Melbourne Orthodontics so that they can help you. Many problems do not require immediate attention, but if there is discomfort involved, we will happily meet you at the office to get you out of pain. Broken braces usually do not cause discomfort and fixing them normally can wait until office hours. The placement of wax on something uncomfortable can often give relief until the problem is repaired.

Orthodontic Emergency? Don’t Wait.