At your orthodontist in Melbourne we use many different types of appliances for specific types of problems. Each treatment plan is unique to an individual and his or her teeth and bone structure. Some of these appliances include:

  • Habit Corrector – Used as an aid to stop a thumb, finger, or tongue habit which is harming the teeth or bite.
  • Retainers – Most retainers simply hold the teeth in place. Sometimes, however, they can be used for minor tooth movement or bite correction.
  • Lower Lingual Arch – used to gain or maintain space in the lower jaw with or without premature loss of baby teeth.
  • Expander – Used when the upper jaw is too narrow compared to the lower jaw and/or to gain space.
  • Distal Jet – used to fix a bite in the same way a headgear would be used (pushing upper molars back) but much more efficiently, comfortably, and without the obvious cosmetic issues.
  • Herbst Appliance – Also used to fix the bite, but can offer the added benefit of improving chin projection when the lower jaw is recessive. Most commonly used when the upper front teeth are a significant distance forward of the lower front teeth.
  • Reverse-pull Headgear – Normally used between ages 8 and 10 for someone with an underbite or a significant underbite growth pattern. Underbites can be very difficult to correct at later ages and often require surgery in the adult years, so early treatment can be very important.