Food Limitations

It is necessary to alter your diet after getting braces.

During times of discomfort, soft foods are recommended by your orthodontist in Melbourne, FL. Crunchy foods (nuts, ice, pretzels, hard candy, etc.) should be avoided throughout treatment and will likely lead to breakage if consumed. Breakage can lead to extended treatment times and it is always desirable to keep treatment as short as possible. Repairing damaged appliances also leads to more office visits, which is usually not convenient for the patient and/or parents.

Sticky foods (gum, taffy, caramel, etc.) can pull some of the adhesive out from around brackets and bands, creating a void that can be filled with food debris. Coupled with the fact that this type of food sticks to the appliances and teeth, the cavity risk for the patient can be increased significantly. These foods should also be avoided.

The hulls or shells of popcorn can get lodged in the gums and cause painful abscesses, so it should be avoided as well.

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