Wisdom Teeth Removal: Before vs. After Braces

What are Wisdom Teeth?

You might not be aware of the third and final set of molars you usually get between teenage years and your early twenties. These teeth appear in the very back of the gums, and oftentimes they can be of benefit- if they are allowed to grow with adequate space. However, if they are misaligned, painful and problematic, removing them is usually the best choice.

Teeth that are misaligned can injure healthy adjacent teeth and cause trauma to the jawbone and nerves. Partially erupted teeth can leave the opening susceptible to bacteria, infections, gum disease, and tooth decay. If you need braces, you may consider getting your wisdom teeth removed first.

Protect Your Smile

Your smile and the smile of your child are great assets, so why not protect them? At Melbourne Orthodontics, we specialize in creating  great smiles, one patient at a time. Many parents spend hours searching for the best orthodontist and thousands of dollars on their children’s mouths. Teeth are an important part of good oral health, and like any other asset, we want to help our patients feel secure in their decision. Sometimes the toughest decisions require the expert advice of a qualified and knowledgeable orthodontist, who can answer the tough questions.

Wisdom teeth can be problematic, and oftentimes they create extensive problems including pain and swelling of the gums. Our recommendations differ depending on the details of each individual situation.

When is the Best Time to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth: Before or After Braces?

Your wisdom teeth usually begin to grow before the age of ten years old, inside the bones of the lower and upper jaws. By age 14, the crowns of the teeth are usually visible on x-rays. Since wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to appear, they can erupt from ages 17 to 25 years. As the roots begin to develop the teeth move through the bones; however, this may not be the normal pattern of development for everyone. Sometimes the teeth can impact, if there is not enough room for them to come in. In cases such as this, the teeth usually remain trapped in the jaw bone.

Impacted wisdom teeth are not always visible, but they can still create problems, such as unbearable pain. If braces are an option or a necessity, the best time to get braces is usually after the removal of the wisdom teeth if they are impacted.

When Should My Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

For most people, wisdom teeth are removed during pre- teen or teen years to prevent future dental problems. Most people don’t experience problems with their wisdom teeth during these years and might decide not to have them removed. If there is enough room in the jaw for the teeth to emerge and they are erupting in a good direction, then of course having them removed is not necessary. For problematic wisdom teeth however, patients having them removed during the patient’s younger years- can usually yield a quicker healing time, and less post- operative complications.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Some wisdom teeth have to be surgically removed if they are unerupted, partially erupted and/or impacted. If this is the case, the surgeon or dentist makes an incision in the gums and removes that part of the bone that covers the tooth. The wisdom teeth can usually be removed in one piece, but sometimes it is required to removed them in multiple pieces.

How Do I Know If My Wisdom Teeth Will Cause Me Problems?

It is difficult to predict whether or not your wisdom teeth are going to create problems without getting x-rays and visiting an orthodontist, oral surgeon, or general dentist. At Melbourne Orthodontics, we can give you recommendations on whether or not to have wisdom teeth removed, as well as giving you or your child that perfect smile with either braces or Invisalign. Come visit Melbourne Orthodontics today for a free consultation!