Why You’re More Likely to Get Hired With Straight Teeth

Having straight teeth can affect many different aspects of your life– including the way that you present yourself to prospective employers. Here are a few reasons why having straight teeth can improve your chances of getting hired:


Confidence is one of the most important characteristics to display during a successful job interview. The interviewer should feel that you have extensive knowledge and are confident sharing it. Silence or hesitation can be interpreted as a lack of preparation for the interview or the associated position, even if the hesitation is due to insecurities about your dental imperfections.

People with misaligned teeth may not communicate with the self-assurance needed to display readiness for an upper-level position, especially if the desired job involves leadership or supervisory skills.

A Big Smile

Many people with crooked teeth feel uncomfortable smiling widely or laughing. Instead of freely displaying their positive disposition, they may feel guarded, fearing that their misaligned teeth will be revealed. People with straight teeth tend to smile often because they view their smile as one of their best attributes.

Small and infrequent smiles during an interview can make it difficult for the interviewer to connect with a job candidate properly.  In addition, the candidate may not seem as amiable when compared to other prospects who smile freely and genuinely throughout their interview.  

Clarity of Speech

Having misaligned teeth can interfere with your ability to speak clearly. In fact, the greater the malocclusion or misalignment of your teeth, the greater your speech defects may be. This means that your interview answers may not be well understood by the interviewer.

Crooked teeth can present an uneven border for the tongue during speech formation. This can cause a lisp or other speech impediment as your mouth attempts to compensate for the lack of uniform structure. Crooked teeth can also cause embarrassing spitting as you speak.

Regardless of how equipped you may be to perform the duties associated with a prospective job, the interviewer may feel that your verbal communication skills are inadequate.


In the United States, most people view straight teeth as attractive. In one study, photos of various people with crooked and straight teeth were shown to respondents who were asked to give their opinions of the people on the images. The people surveyed viewed those with straight teeth much more favorably. They believed that the people with straighter teeth were happier and more professionally successful.

Twenty-nine percent of the people surveyed in the study considered teeth to be the first facial feature that they usually notice. In addition, 24 percent of the respondents declared teeth to be the facial characteristic that they remember most vividly after an encounter with someone.

In a job interview, first impressions are important. A person with straighter teeth may make the most positive and memorable impression on an interviewer and consequently, may have a better chance of being hired.

Better Breath

Bad breath is often the product of inadequate oral hygiene. Particles of food that have been left in the mouth, along with volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) from oral bacteria, can cause halitosis.

People with straight teeth may be better able to clean their teeth properly. Misalignments can make it difficult to navigate a brush and floss efficiently. As a result, people with crooked teeth may suffer from bad breath more frequently.

During an interview, a candidate with bad breath may be viewed as having poor personal hygiene. This can affect the interviewer’s recommendation concerning hiring the candidate.

Corrective Options for Crooked Teeth

If you are thinking of starting a new career or applying for a promotion, the state of your teeth can affect your chances of being hired for the position. Nevertheless, your teeth don’t have to remain crooked. Braces, Invisalign and other orthodontic treatments are available to correct your dental misalignment.

If you are not a suitable candidate for Invisalign due to the severity of your malocclusion but still want to have your teeth straightened discreetly, clear braces may be an effective option. Clear braces have ceramic brackets, so the braces are difficult to see against your teeth. In addition, clear elastic bands can be used to make the braces even less noticeable.
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