Why You Have to Wear Your Rubber Bands

Rubber bands, also known as elastics, can be a pain for those who have braces. They get in the way of eating, they may make it harder to chew and they need to be replaced often. If you have braces or are preparing to get braces, you may wonder why you have to wear rubber bands with them. Here is a bit more information on why it is important to wear rubber bands with braces.

Does Everyone With Braces Have to Wear Rubber Bands?

No. Not every brace wearer will need to wear rubber bands. Ultimately, it depends on how well the teeth shift and how your bite is affected when the teeth shift. In some cases, an orthodontist will know before placing the braces that you will need rubber bands. In other cases, an orthodontist may not know until your teeth shift after wearing braces for some time.

Why Do Some People Have to Wear Rubber Bands With Braces?

When you wear braces, you are shifting your teeth to achieve a straighter smile. As you do this, you may also shift the way that your teeth fall on each other when you chew. Ideally, you want the teeth to be in a position known as 11. This means that the teeth meet properly, allowing you to chew the food, without grinding on your teeth or over- or under-lapping. If your teeth are not in this position, an orthodontist may recommend that you wear rubber bands with your braces to help correct the bite position.

What Do Rubber Bands Do When Worn With Braces?

Rubber bands help to correct your bite positioning. When attached to braces, the elastic in the rubber band creates force or pressure that moves the tooth into the right direction when you bite. This is something that braces alone cannot do. This is also why it is so important to replace your rubber bands often. If you fail to replace them, the cannot exert enough force to shift your tooth into the proper bite position. This takes your tooth longer to shift, which ultimately means you may wear the elastics and the braces for longer.

When Are Rubber Bands Placed on the Braces?

Rubber bands are typically placed on the braces in the later stages of the process. If rubber bands are worn too soon, the teeth may still be shifting, which can affect the bite positioning. Wearing them later in the treatment helps to ensure the teeth are properly positioned and ready for their bite positioning to be corrected.

Wearing rubber bands may be a pain, but all in all, it helps to give you the perfect smile and bite that you are after. If you are looking to straighten your teeth in the Melbourne, Florida area, Melbourne Orthodontics is here to help you. we offer many teeth straightening options, including traditional braces, clear ceramic braces, Invisalign, surgical orthodontics, early treatment, retainers and night guards. To learn more about how we can help perfect your smile, call us today to schedule a consultation.