When is the Ideal Age for Braces?

Some stages of life seem better suited to certain activities than others. For instance, learning to do a cartwheel is easier when you have youth on your side. Driving a car is better suited to an age where you have better reflexes and judgment abilities. Is there an ideal age for braces? The short answer is no!

Orthodontic treatment can be effective in just about any phase of life. Moving the teeth to a better alignment is possible with the right approach and diligent care. The most important aspects of orthodontic success are healthy teeth and quality care. Ensuring that your teeth are healthy will support your treatment goals. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, avoid sugary drinks, brush your teeth frequently, and floss daily. Additionally, when choosing an orthodontist in Melbourne, choose a team that offers a variety of treatment options and focuses on your needs as a patient. Melbourne Orthodontics is knowledgeable in many different techniques and appliances to help you achieve your own smile success story!

So whether you have a child you think may need braces, or you are an adult looking to improve your smile or bite alignment, make an appointment with us today. Any age is the right age to evaluate orthodontic treatment options!