What You Should Know About Getting Your Braces Off

There’s no doubt that getting your braces off is incredibly exciting and liberating — but you may not have considered what it will actually be like beyond that. To have the best transition back into bracket-free teeth, there are a few things you should know. Read on to learn what to know about getting your braces off.

The Braces Removal Appointment

Your orthodontist uses specialized removal tools, similar to small pliers, to carefully contract the bracket bases one by one. This causes the dental cement that bonds the bracket to the tooth to break, thereby freeing the bracket. After all brackets are removed, there will still be some dental cement residue left. Tooth by tooth, this cement is removed. Your orthodontist will also polish your teeth, similar to what would happen after a regular dental cleaning. The whole appointment generally takes only around an hour and a half, and you can go back to your regular routine as soon as your braces are removed.

What Your Teeth Will Feel Like

Most patients who have their braces removed say that it takes a day or two to get accustomed to the feeling of a brace-free mouth. Your teeth may feel extra slippery and smooth, but it will become normal to you very soon.  For about a month after your braces are removed, your teeth and gums may be more sensitive than usual. Take care to brush with low pressure, and floss thoroughly but gently. If you notice any unusual pain or bleeding, call Melbourne Orthodontics right away for advice.

What You Teeth Will Look Like

After your braces are removed, your teeth will look clean, white, and shiny.  If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, you may benefit from tooth whitening. Your orthodontist at Melbourne Orthodontics can recommend a safe way to do this if you wish. Generally, you’ll need to delay any whitening or other treatments of this type for around a month after your braces are removed, as your teeth may still be sensitive.

Maintaining Results With Retainer Wear

At the appointment prior to getting your braces off, your orthodontist will create molds of your mouth. These molds are then used to fabricate a custom fitted set of retainers that will help you maintain your results. Most patients have a removable retainer that should be worn around the clock except when eating and brushing your teeth for the first six months after completing treatment. Occasionally, some patients may need a permanent retainer that is set into the mouth. If you have a removable retainer, it’s vital that you wear it exactly as your orthodontist recommends. Retainers are a crucial component of the teeth straightening process. Your teeth are most vulnerable in terms of shifting immediately after the braces are removed, but your new retainers will prevent that from happening as long as you wear them as recommended. Once the full-time wear phase is over, it will still be important to keep wearing the retainers every night while you sleep to retain the result.

Appointment After Braces

Your post-braces appointments are less frequent than your braces appointments were, but they’re still important. Generally, Melbourne Orthodontics schedules retainer check appointments every two to six months, although this depends on your specific situation. During these appointments, the fit of your retainer can be checked and adjustments can be made if necessary.

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