What to Know About Invisible Braces

Finding the most discreet yet effective orthodontic treatment is a top priority for many of the patients we see at Melbourne Orthodontics. Patients today want to see results, but don’t want their braces to stand out. To this end, many people are looking for invisible braces or options that are close to it! Fortunately, there are great options available, depending on your particular orthodontic needs.


Invisalign is actually a trademark name for a specific type of clear retainers designed to align your teeth. Using progressive retainers, this is a phased method of orthodontic treatment. While this treatment method may be effective for certain cases, Invisalign does present limitations when it comes to correcting bite and jaw alignment issues – an important part of orthodontics.

Clear Braces

Braces with clear brackets are a great alternative for patients seeking invisible braces. Made of ceramic, these more naturally colored braces are a change from the typical metal grin that many people are seeking to avoid. Designed with the same features and benefits of traditional braces, clear braces are one form of invisible braces that are capable of correcting both jaw and bite alignment.

Making braces that are truly invisible isn’t a treatment reality – each type of orthodontic treatment will have some element of visibility. However, choosing the right treatment method with your orthodontist will help you to minimize treatment time and maximize your smile potential. After a successful experience with braces, your smile will be anything but invisible!