What to Do About…Common Orthodontic Problems

As many orthodontic patients know, braces are complex treatment systems with a lot of parts and pieces – all with the goal of giving you a straight smile to enjoy for years to come! But what happens if you find that one of those parts or pieces is suddenly not where it’s supposed to be? Whether it’s a broken bracket, misplaced wire, or missing rubber band – don’t panic! Follow these tips below and call your Melbourne, FL orthodontist as soon as possible to get the problem fixed.

Broken Wire: Do NOT cut the wire – this can be dangerous, as well as cause more damage. Instead, use a pencil eraser or cotton swab to gently try to adjust the wire to a spot where it is not causing pain. If this is not possible, use wax to coat the end of the wire to protect your mouth.

Loose Bracket: If a bracket feels like it’s coming loose, use wax to try and keep it in place. If a bracket has completely detached, gently try to slide it along the wire and rotate it back into position. Make an appointment to have it reattached as soon as possible. If the bracket has fallen off completely, save it and bring it to your appointment.

Loose Band: Metal bands at the back of the mouth are used to anchor the appliance. Should one of these bands become loose, make an appointment to have it reattached. If the band comes off completely, keep it in a safe place and bring it to your orthodontist.

Missing Rubber Band: Generally these are not a significant problem, just be sure to notify your care provider at your next appointment. You may also be able to replace the rubber band around the bracket with a pair of sterilized tweezers.

Taking good care of your braces through regular hygiene, staying away from crunchy or sticky foods, and having regular orthodontic appointments will help minimize the problems you may encounter. As your partners in orthodontic care, we will keep your smile on track!