What is a Distal Jet?

Our dentist at Melbourne Orthodontics in Melbourne, FL offers the Distal Jet orthodontic appliance, which is used to shift and rotate the molars and expand the palate in order to correct bite alignments and overcrowding of the teeth, which can cause problems with chewing food and talking.

How the Distal Jet Works

The Distal Jet is used for distalizing or moving the molars in order to make more room in the mouth for emerging teeth or to correct overcrowding and bite issues. It is a fixed dental appliance, which means it is installed by a dentist and must be removed by a dentist. It cannot be installed or removed by the patient. Bands are installed on the first bicuspids and molars.

The appliances are typically installed on the upper palate to correct Class II malocclusions, which occur when the upper teeth are too far ahead of the lower teeth and Class II molar relations, which occur when teeth are blocked from emerging or missing. However, the appliance can also be used to correct bite problems in the lower jaw. The device is designed to move the teeth and/or expand the palate in order to create room in the jaw for the teeth.

The backward force used to move the molars is achieved through the use of springs that are periodically tensioned throughout the treatment process. The Distal Jet requires a key in order to be activated, which is performed on a predetermined schedule by our dentist.

Once the molars have successfully been moved into their proper positions, braces and bands are used to reposition the rest of the teeth. In some cases, this can lead to a gap in the front teeth. However, the gap usually closes on its own after treatment has been completed.

Benefits of the Distal Jet

  • Corrects Bite Misalignments
  • Make More Room for Crowded Teeth
  • No Headgear Needed
  • More Aesthetically Pleasing than Other Appliances
  • Tension Springs Can Be Replaced as Needed

Proper Oral Hygiene with a Distal Jet

When you have an oral appliance, proper oral hygiene is essential in order to prevent tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. In order to take care of your teeth while wearing the Distal Jet, you will need to use a fluoride toothpaste and either a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush. You should brush your teeth as normal at least three times a day, and spend more time on the areas where the appliance connects to your teeth via the metal bands. You may also want to brush and rinse directly after meals in order to dislodge food particles that may become stuck in the dental appliance and/or between the roof of your mouth and the top plate of the Distal Jet.

Distal Jets with our Melbourne Dentist

If you have a misaligned bite or crowded teeth, the use of a Distal Jet may be able to help realign your teeth so that you have a functional mouth and beautiful smile. In order to determine if you’d be a good candidate for the oral appliance, our dentist will perform a complete oral examination that includes dental x-rays. This allows our dentist to determine the alignment of your teeth and upper and lower jaw as well as the available room in your mouth.

If our dentist determines that you would benefit from the Distal Jet, the oral appliance will be installed in your mouth and activated. The spring located within the device will apply a constant pressure on your molars in order to push them into their proper locations. Followup appointments are needed at periodic intervals in order to monitor your progress and adjust the Distal jet via a key. Your exact treatment length will depend on how well your teeth respond to the device. Our dentist can give you an approximation of your treatment length with the Distal Jet at your first appointment and give you progress updates throughout your treatment.

To learn more about the Distal Jet or to schedule a dental cleaning or another service, call us at 321-254-5232.