Thinking About Getting Braces Again? Here’s What You Need To Know

You probably remember the awkward days of middle school braces all too well – choosing your colored rubber bands, getting pulled out of class to attend an appointment, and dealing with those little packs of wax to keep the brackets from irritating the inside of your mouth. The good news is that braces have come a long way since your tween years!

If you’re thinking about getting braces for the second time, you’re not alone. Many adults want the confidence they once had in their smile, and turn to adult braces as a way to get straight teeth again. Whether you’re considering getting braces or clear aligners, like Invisalign, Melbourne Orthodontics is here to help.

Your Teeth Have Noticeably Shifted

Many people experience shifting teeth over time, even if they spent years dealing with braces as a teen. This can happen for a number of reasons, especially when you don’t wear retainers faithfully. Jaw issues, growth, dental work, and wisdom teeth are some of the possible reasons your original beautiful smile changes over time. 

If you’ve worn braces before, we understand that it can be nerve-wracking to think of making such a commitment again. A thorough orthodontic exam will help your orthodontist spot any changes to your mouth and help come up with possible solutions. If tooth decay or gum disease is detected, we’ll work with you to get the problems taken care of before undergoing orthodontic treatment. An x-ray will also need to be taken to ensure that you don’t have any underlying issues that could cause problems with your braces.

There Is A Difference In Your Bite

If you are going to get braces, you’ll first come in for a set of impressions, photographs, and x-rays. For the impressions, we’ll use a flexible, clay-like material to take a mold of your teeth, helping us to understand exactly how your braces should be placed and how your bite and smile has changed over time. We’ll set up an appointment a few weeks later for you to come in and discuss the treatment options, getting started with treatment soon after if you decide it is for you. Once the braces are placed, you will normally experience a little discomfort as the teeth start to move.

You’ll come in from time to time to have your braces adjusted. At each appointment, we’ll talk with you about any discomfort that you’re having, and address your concerns. We’ll slightly adjust your wires to gently move your teeth into their desired positions. For the overwhelming majority of people who are getting braces for the second time, it’s typically not necessary to wear them for nearly as long as you did the first time. In fact, you’ll usually feel the difference in your bite in the first few months. Likely, the heavy lifting of moving your teeth has already been done, and we’ll simply work to make small adjustments that will make a big difference in your smile.

You Want Braces But Don’t Want Brackets 

We encourage you to give us a call to learn more about whether braces could be a good fit for you at this point in your life. Many options, such as Invisalign, are virtually undetectable to others, helping you to get the confident smile you want without having to go through the awkwardness of traditional metal braces.

When you come in for your first consultation, you’ll meet with our orthodontist to talk about your goals for your teeth. Together, you’ll go over a potential timeline for your braces or Invisalign treatment. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and decide which option is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle.

If you’re ready to take steps toward a more confident you, we’re here to help. Contact our Melbourne, FL orthodontist, Melbourne Orthodontics, to schedule your consultation and decide whether adult braces or clear braces could be a good fit for your orthodontic needs, confidence, and smile.