The Straight Story on the Cost of Braces

Making an investment in braces is making an investment in your smile! With a straighter smile and better bite alignment, you’ll experience more confidence, improved oral health, and less pain. Many people wonder though, just what the cost is for braces in Melbourne.

At Melbourne Orthodontics, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ price – just like your smile isn’t ‘one size fits all’ either! The cost of braces varies based on many factors, including the type of orthodontic treatment, the length of treatment, and your treatment goals. At your initial consultation with Dr. Reddick, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your options and find the best plan of action for YOU.

Once a treatment plan has been identified, your expected investment for treatment can be calculated. Melbourne Orthodontics accepts all types of insurance and will work with you to maximize any insurance benefits or FSA allowances that may be available toward your braces. We also can provide information on popular no-interest financing options.

Though the cost of braces in Melbourne can vary, you’ll find lasting value when you invest in your smile at Melbourne Orthodontics. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Reddick today and get your straight smile story started!