Tax Day and Your Dental Health

Tax Day is here once again, and at Melbourne Orthodontics, we’re all smiles! While Tax Day is not something that people typically look forward to, as your Melbourne orthodontist, we hope that you’ll look at it as an opportunity to improve the health of your smile.

At Melbourne Orthodontics we realize that orthodontic treatment is an investment that should not be taken lightly. And if you just had to shell out a pile of cash for Tax Day, orthodontic treatment might not exactly be top on your list. However, we wanted to share a few reasons why it should be with you here. As your Melbourne Orthodontist, our job is to improve the function of your teeth and overall bite. When you improve your bite through braces, your teeth will function and wear properly, allowing for optimal long-term dental health. It just so happens that a straight smile is a wonderful by-product of this healthier mouth!

With another Tax Day just about over with, we hope that your focus will turn to your dental health. When you’re ready to chat with Dr. Reddick about investing in the health of your smile, contact our office in Melbourne today to schedule your consultation!