Setting the Record Straight: Misconceptions about Braces

For many, the thought of getting braces brings on feelings of uncertainty or anxiety. At Melbourne Orthodontics, we have years of experience in orthodontic treatment and many smile success stories. Here a few common misconceptions about braces we’d like to put to rest!

Crooked teeth are the only reason for braces: While many people think that a straight smile is the only objective of braces, orthodontic treatment also focuses on correcting bite and alignment issues. The result for many is relief from grinding, headaches, and TMJ symptoms.

Braces only come in one variety: Depending on your treatment goals and aesthetic needs, there are many options available. Braces today can feature less visible ceramic brackets, traditional metal brackets, or even a series of progressive, clear retainers (known as Invisalign)

Orthodontic treatment lasts forever: Treatment times do vary by patient, but ultimately, braces are just a small stepping stone along the path to a straight smile that lasts for years to come. Making a small sacrifice of time now can lead to big returns in the future as you enjoy straighter teeth, a correct bite, and increased self-confidence.

If you have been letting these misconceptions hold you back from orthodontic treatment, see Dr. Reddick in Melbourne, FL to set the record straight.