Seeking Invisible Braces and a Perfect Smile?

One of the top requests for braces may be to make them as incognito as possible. This desire for invisible braces has prompted a rise in popularity for treatments like Invisalign and clear, ceramic brackets. Children, teens, and adults have all been known to seek out more subtle means of orthodontic treatment.

At Melbourne Orthodontics in Melbourne, we take the time to listen to the concerns and goals that each of our new patients has. If keeping your braces from stealing the smile show is a top priority, then we have treatment options to help you accomplish this! Ceramic braces are a great option due to their clear brackets, combined with the typically faster treatment times that fixed appliances offer.

While we can’t make your orthodontic treatment process completely disappear, we can minimize the appearance of braces. You can help minimize the treatment time by following Dr. Reddick’s instructions and being diligent your oral hygiene. Whether you choose traditional braces, clear brackets, or another invisible braces treatment option, Melbourne Orthodontics will keep your smile front and center!