Retainer Basics: Top Tips for Cleaning

You take great care of your straight, shiny teeth now that your braces are off – but what about the appliance responsible for keeping everything in line? Keeping your retainer clean and in good condition is a vital part of smile maintenance. Here are some top tips for retainer care.

Tip #1: Use your toothbrush to brush your retainers regularly. Since they spend a lot of time in your mouth, tartar and plaque can still develop on these appliances. Brushing keeps tartar buildup away.

Tip #2: Soak your retainers in distilled water with a little baking soda to keep them clean and odors at bay. Baking soda is a natural means of cleaning and deodorizing them. There are also store-bought cleaning tablets available.

Tip #3: Never, never, never put your retainers in the dishwasher! If you feel like they are starting to develop too much buildup or need a more thorough disinfecting, bring them to your dentist.

Follow these three tips to take proper care of your retainers, or ‘smile keepers.’ And be sure to follow the advice for wear and usage that you receive from your orthodontist. By doing so, you will enjoy a straight smile for years to come!