Malocclusion Made Simple!

There are a lot of terms related to orthodontics that can cause confusion. For many, the first visit to the orthodontist is filled with terms and expressions that are unfamiliar in everyday life. At Melbourne Orthodontics, we want to help all of our patients have a simple, clear understanding of their dental needs and orthodontic treatment. One term often used but little understood is malocclusion. What is malocclusion and how is it treated? Find out here!

Malocclusion sounds like a big term, but it simply means ‘poor bite.’ Bite refers to how the teeth fit together. When a bite isn’t correct, malocclusion is the term used to describe it. A poor bite can cause pain and problems.

Common types of malocclusion include an overbite, underbite, or cross bite. While overbite and underbite are terms commonly heard outside of the orthodontist office, cross bite could be a little more unclear. With a cross bite, one or more of the upper teeth sit on the wrong side of the corresponding lower teeth. Crowding of the teeth or incorrectly rotated teeth also fall under the umbrella of malocclusion.

Now that you know what malocclusion is, take charge of your bite today. Your orthodontist in Melbourne can easily spot malocclusion problems and formulate a treatment plan to get your bite back on track!