Is Stress Affecting Your Smile?

April is National Stress Awareness month. As an orthodontist in Melbourne, FL, Dr. Reddick and his team regularly see the impact that stress can have on the bite and alignment of your teeth. Did you know that bruxism (the grinding of your teeth) could change the way your teeth fit together or cause chronic pain and soreness? More complicated problems can also arise, including TMJ disorders.

While children often outgrow teeth grinding, adults sometimes find that stress and anxiety causes jaw clenching or teeth grinding through the night – or even during the day. Finding practical ways to reduce stress is key to alleviating this painful habit, but it may also be necessary to have an orthodontist evaluate whether or not your bite is properly aligned. Without proper alignment, pain can persist and TMJ problems can affect your ability to eat certain foods or chew gum. Orthodontic treatment can gradually shift the teeth into correct alignment, relieving the stress and pain associated with an incorrect bite.

As a care provider, we want to see all of our patients healthy, happy, and stress-free. But if stress is affecting your bite and other corrective therapies have failed, it may be time to consider orthodontic treatment for lasting relief. You have a variety of treatment options available here at Melbourne Orthodontics in Melbourne, including traditional braces, clear ceramic braces, and more. As National Stress Awareness month comes to a close, make it your resolve to alleviate your stress. Contact us for an appointment today. Your smile will thank you!