How Teeth Affect Your Face

Have you ever seen someone and immediately been amazed by how beautiful their face is? First impressions are huge. More often than not, your first impression is made with your face. Even if you are not smiling, Melbourne Orthodontics has the ability to improve the overall appearance of your face. Although that seems a bit extreme, it’s the truth. That person who wow’d you with their beauty the first time you saw them more likely than not had pretty good teeth and a great smile. Maybe you didn’t even know that until you got closer and could actually see their mouth. If you want to improve the overall appearance of your face, braces may be the answer to your facial structure questions.

There are many reasons for wanting to get braces. Usually the reasons either fall under one of two categories, either you want them for health reasons or you want them for aesthetic purposes. Sometimes even both. The most obvious reason for wanting braces is to improve your smile. But as it turns out, braces affect much more than just your pearly whites. Braces have the ability to change your entire face. The length, width, and general shape of your face can be shifted by the position of your teeth. Just take a look at some before and after photos of yourself after you get your braces off and you may be able to see some differences in the way your entire face looks even when you are not smiling.

Underbite, open bite, overbite, and crooked teeth are all factors in the way the structure of your face is built and if corrected, will make your facial features appear to be more symmetrical. The structure of your cheeks and jaw can be strongly influenced by the position of teeth inside your head. Your top and bottom lip may stick out further than normal, as well as your chin. Your mouth also may appear to be crooked because of your teeth.

Before getting your braces on, take a picture of your face both smiling and not smiling and you will be able to notice the difference when you are done with your braces immediately. We live in an age where having perfect teeth is so much easier than it ever has before. The benefits improve your overall appearance naturally and give you a happy glow.

By aligning your teeth to be straight and sit comfortably in your mouth, your face will reap the benefits. Smiling and speaking may become easier after braces as well because certain muscles in your face will not be stretched or contracted in uncomfortable positions. You will be able to smile with confidence knowing that Melbourne Orthodontics can not only improve your teeth and smile, but your entire face. Being comfortable in your own skin can radiate from within when you have peace of mind that your teeth, jaw, and face are positioned how they should be.

The trickiest part about improving your overall appearance with braces is keeping it up. Be sure to wear your retainers as instructed after getting your braces off. Teeth have the tendency to want to move back to where they started and wearing your retainers frequently prevent shifting of your teeth, smile, and entire face. Results of your braces can be strong, beautiful, and long lasting as long as you put in the work to keep them that way. The same way you wash your car, cut your grass, and drink water every day, maintenance is key when it comes to taking care of your teeth.

Contact Melbourne Orthodontics today and make an appointment to come in and have us take a look at your facial structure and teeth position. We will be able to evaluate and prepare a plan for adjusting your teeth accordingly to give you that lasting first impression that you have been wanting to put on display.