Gametime: Don’t Forget Your Mouthguard!

Gametime may be right around the corner, but just because you have braces doesn’t mean you’re benched from a season of play. As your Melbourne orthodontist, we want you to enjoy your favorite sport without having to worry about damaging your braces or orthodontic appliances. By simply wearing a mouthguard during practice and games, you’ll be able to protect your hardware and prevent painful and costly damage to your teeth. Not only will a mouth guard keep your appliances safe, it’ll also reduce the risk of soft tissue damage to your cheeks, tongue, and lips.

The American Dental Association recommends the use of a mouth guard for 29 different sports and exercise activities. Although your coach or league may not require you to wear one, you’ll be happy you did if you ever experience dangerous contact to your mouth. A properly fitted mouth guard should stay in place, allow you to breathe easily, fit comfortably, and be durable and easy to clean. Any athlete with or without braces should consider protecting their teeth with a mouth guard to prevent broken teeth, root damage, tooth loss, and serious soft tissue damage.

At Melbourne Orthodontics, we’re here to cheer you on throughout your orthodontic treatment and your sports season! If you participate in a sport or exercise activity with a chance of contact with others or hard surfaces, talk to us about getting a mouthguard. We can make sure that you have a mouthguard that fits with your braces and won’t limit your athletic performance in any way. To learn more about wearing a mouthguard with your braces, contact us today or talk to Dr. Reddick at your next appointment.