Follow Dr. Reddick’s Plot and Become a Smile Star

As a patient of Dr. Reddick, you ultimately are responsible for creating your own happy ending – but as your Melbourne orthodontist, we consider ourselves the co-author to your smile story! While there may be a whole cast of characters, including your parents, the star of the story is still you! If you follow Dr. Reddick’s treatment plan, or ‘plot’, you will have a good story in the making. But there are two more things that will help make you a Smile Star: a positive attitude and good habits.

A Positive Attitude: We know that having braces brings some changes – including giving up gum, corn on the cob, and sticky sweets. But think of how great it’ll be to have straight teeth and a correct bite for life! Plus, if you have traditional braces, you can have fun with all kinds of great color combos for your elastics. Don’t focus on the short-term soreness or annoyance that braces sometimes bring. View your time in braces as a brief investment that yields long-term smile rewards.

Good Habits: Habits are easy to form and hard to break – so make the right things a habit! If you stick to a routine of brushing and flossing now, your teeth will thank you for years to come, plus you will have nothing to hide when your braces come off at the end of treatment! Also an important habit is wearing rubberbands, if they’re a part of your treatment plan. Though it may be easy to forget to put them in or skip them because you just don’t feel like the hassle, this is not a habit to get lazy about! The more diligent you are about wearing your rubberbands, the more efficient your treatment will be.

As you can see, Smile Star, the right attitude and the right habits go a long way! Follow your orthodontist’s ‘plot’ for your smile story and at the end you will find a happy ending and a stellar smile!