What to Expect at Your or Your Child’s First Visit to the Orthodontist

While we are always happy to meet our new patients at the office, we understand that sometimes our patients are a bit nervous about their first visit to the orthodontist. If your first appointment with us is coming up soon, here is what you can expect to happen.

Exciting Paperwork!

The first thing you will do during your first visit at Melbourne Orthodontics is everyone’s favorite activity: Filling out paperwork! You might want to show up a few minutes early in order to carry out this important task.

We also ask that you, (or your parent) fill out the paperwork as fully and accurately as possible. This will include your medical and dental history. Your orthodontist will review the paperwork before the appointment in case there is anything important in your medical history that needs to be known (such as allergies to any medications, past surgeries, or dental procedures, etc.).

The First Exam With Your Orthodontist

An important thing to know about your first appointment with the orthodontist is that it is a pain-free process. It’s not going to be much different than a regular check-up with your primary dentist.

The first thing that will likely happen is a set of X-rays will be taken of your teeth and jaws. The orthodontist will also conduct an oral exam of your teeth and gums, using hand tools.

One thing that might happen during your first visit, which is different from a typical dental check-up, is that your orthodontist might take a putty mold of your teeth. You will bite down on a putty-like substance to make a mold that is used to give an accurate depiction of your teeth. It allows the orthodontist to determine how the teeth may need to be shifted using braces or another common orthodontic treatment.

Your First Treatment Plan

Based on the results of this first exam, your orthodontist will then discuss a treatment plan for any issues that are identified. If you need to wear a retainer, or be fitted with braces or Invisalign, this is the time during the appointment when that will be discussed.

Your orthodontist will explain what the treatment plan entails, how the procedure will work, and how long it is expected to take to reach the desired outcome.

If the doctor identifies any dental problems with your teeth or gums, those will most likely need to be resolved before orthodontic treatment with braces can begin. For example, if you have gum disease, you may be referred to a periodontist to have the infection cleared up before you can be fitted with braces. Likewise, if you have cavities, you may have to book an appointment with your primary dentist to receive fillings. Once your teeth and gums are in great shape, then the orthodontic treatment phase can begin.

Ask the Orthodontist Questions

When the orthodontist reviews the treatment plan with you during this first appointment, this is the perfect time to ask questions! Whether you’re an adult thinking of invisible braces, or a teen facing the prospect of braces, you are likely to have some questions. The more knowledge you have about your individual treatment plan, the more confidence you will have about the process moving forward.

We will also have some literature and brochures about your treatment method that you can take home with you. We recommend that you read through those, so you’re fully prepared for the months ahead!

Payment, Insurance, and Next Booking

That’s it! Your first appointment at the orthodontist in Melbourne or Indian Harbour Beach is complete, other than wrapping up with the payment. Our staff will take your insurance information, or we will also accept cash or credit card payment. If you will be undergoing a longer-term course of treatment such as braces, we’ll discuss a payment plan with you at this time as well, so there are no surprises down the road. If there are no dental issues that have to be cleared up, we can schedule your first appointment for treatment at this time.

Call Us to Schedule Your First Appointment

Now that you know what to expect at your first appointment at Melbourne Orthodontics, contact us so we can get you on our calendar! We are excited to welcome you as our next new patient!