First Orthodontic Visit

At Melbourne Orthodontics, we want your child’s first orthodontic visit to be as calm and enjoyable as possible. Sometimes kids will be anxious about a new experience like this, especially since the orthodontist will be examining their teeth closely. We want things to go as smoothly as possible, so that your child’s future visits will remain stress-free. Here is some information about what that first visit to the orthodontist will be like.

Age for the First Orthodontic Visit

The rule of thumb for that first orthodontic visit is that it should happen no later than age 7. When kids are around 6 or 7 years old, they should have a mixture of baby teeth and permanent teeth. Orthodontists are trained to spot problems early when it comes to a child’s oral development.

Do the future permanent teeth look like they’re going to come in straight, or crooked? Is there enough room in the mouth for the permanent teeth to properly erupt? Will a child eventually need braces or some other orthodontic treatment? Does the child’s “bite” between the upper and lower teeth come together correctly, or is there a malocclusion?

These are some of the questions that the orthodontist will try to answer during the first appointment. If your child is younger than 6 or 7 and you feel like something looks out of place in their oral development, by all means call us to schedule an appointment.

What Happens during the First Orthodontic Visit?

During your child’s first visit to Melbourne Orthodontics, you will meet Dr. Reddick and our friendly office staff. You and your child will be escorted to an exam room (parents are absolutely welcome in the exam room during their child’s visit with us). Your child will be seated in a comfy dental chair so the exam can begin.

Your Melbourne orthodontist will use a little handheld mirror to examine your child’s teeth more closely. The child will be asked to bite down, so the doctor can see whether their upper and lower jaws are aligned correctly.

There is no charge for your first visit to Melbourne Orthodontics. We’re mainly taking a look and making a medical prediction about how your child’s permanent teeth are going to come in. Sometimes a course of treatment will be recommended during this first visit. Many times, we will recommend waiting until your child is older before starting orthodontic treatment like braces. If there are no problems identified in the exam, or nothing serious is discovered, we will simply recommend coming in for some future appointments to monitor your child’s development.

One more thing to note about the first visit to the orthodontist: We may take pictures of your child’s teeth, or even X-rays, so that we can monitor their growth and development later on. This helps us to track the growth and eruption of permanent teeth later on.

If a course of treatment is recommended for the future, such as braces or some other type of orthodontic appliance, we will discuss it with you during this first appointment. We’ll also talk to you about when a recommended course of treatment should begin for the best results. Our staff will discuss costs and insurance options for recommended future treatments as well.

If an Orthodontic Problem is Found

In certain cases, Dr. Reddick might recommend that treatment of your child begin sooner rather than later. Every patient is unique and so are their treatment needs. In other cases, waiting can provide the best option. We generally recommend that all of a child’s permanent teeth have erupted before beginning treatment with braces.

Call Us for Your First Orthodontic Visit

If your child is approaching the age of 7, it’s probably a great time to call our office and schedule that first orthodontic visit. Remember, there’s no charge for the first visit and consultation with your orthodontist in Melbourne. Our office can be reached at (321) 254-5232 for appointment scheduling.