DIY Teeth Straightening: Invisible Braces Miracle or Madness?

Are you a DIY master and a Pinterest pro? You may have learned a lot from an Internet education, but orthodontics shouldn’t be a self-study program. Many online retailers produce and sell teeth straightening kits, leading to consumers to believe that a straighter smile can be achieved without the oversight of a qualified orthodontist. Often, the desire for invisible braces, lower treatment costs, and convenience are the driving forces that cause people to look into DIY braces.

There are several serious pitfalls with DIY teeth straightening. First, the lack of an initial examination by a board certified orthodontist could result in overlooking serious pre-existing conditions, such as gum disease and untreated decay. Applying orthodontic treatment to teeth that have such conditions could seriously compromise dental health and even lead to irreparable tooth loss. Second, the overcrowding, spacing, or misalignment of your teeth may be beyond the treatment capabilities of aligners alone. Companies eager to make a profit, or consumers insistent on giving DIY orthodontics a try, may pursue a frustrating course of treatment that yields very little results. Third, at home orthodontics can still be costly in the long run and result in extended treatment times. Having an evaluation and treatment plan from an experienced orthodontist close to home can alleviate pain and frustration, while avoiding disappointments.

For these three reasons, keep the DIY projects for your house or school projects. If you’re looking for the best treatment options and invisible braces, make an appointment for an initial consultation with your Melbourne orthodontist. Let us worry about straightening your teeth and improving your bite alignment. If you do, you’ll have a smile success story you can be proud of!