Discover the Benefits of a Night Guard

Do you need to wear your retainer to bed, but aren’t quite comfortable wearing your Hawley retainer to sleep? Not to worry, at Melbourne Orthodontics we offer night guards, which have many benefits.

As your local orthodontist, our main priority is to keep those teeth straight and healthy. Wearing an appliance at night is the best way for you to achieve this goal. Our comfortable, custom night guards keep your teeth in position while you sleep. There are also several other benefits that come along with wearing a night guard. If you grind your teeth at all, the night guard will prevent your teeth from wearing down. If your bite is slightly off, the artificial bite created by the mouth guard may reduce any symptoms of TMJ.

When it’s time to have your braces removed, talk to Dr. Reddick about how your dental health will benefit from wearing a night guard. We look forward to providing you with exceptional orthodontic care right here in Melbourne!