Consider Orthodontics at Any Age!

Have you felt a twinge of self-consciousness about your smile? Have you suffered from headaches or TMJ due to an incorrect bite? Just because you have passed your teenage years is no reason to think that you have to endure a lifetime with a less than satisfactory smile or bite. Orthodontic treatment has changed drastically in the past fifteen to twenty years. The days of headgear, conspicuous ‘metal mouth’ grins, and a general stigma around braces are a bygone era. As a result, the number of adults getting braces is on the rise. Consider the following reasons to seek orthodontic treatment as an adult.

-Improve your bite to improve your health! Having teeth that fit well together means less stress on your jaw and wear on your teeth. This translates into less dental problems over the years, saving you pain and money down the road.

-Discreet options are available. Most adults aren’t interested in matching the color of dental elastics to their corporate colors and the idea of having a mouth full of metal seems less than appealing. But today’s options for braces include clear ceramic brackets, Invisalign, and more. Your Melbourne, FL orthodontist can advise you on the best course of treatment for your needs.

-Finances may be less of an obstacle than you thought. As a child or teenager, braces may not have been an option due to finances. As an adult, you may find that orthodontic treatment is well within your means. At Melbourne Orthodontics, we have various payment options available, accept major credit cards, and offer a discount for upfront payment of the treatment cost. Additionally, your dental health plan or Flexible Spending Account plan may offer you additional financial assistance.

Your teeth are an important investment that require care and maintenance throughout your life. Don’t let age prevent you from improving your smile and dental health through orthodontics. Schedule a consultation with Melbourne Orthodontics today. We look forward to straightening your smile at any age.