Clear Ceramic Braces

Braces are one of the best treatments available for shifting and straightening your teeth. However, traditional metal braces are highly visible for most people. That might not be the best choice for you personally, especially if you are older and have started a career — or if you simply don’t want others to know you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. Clear ceramic braces are a solution for this problem. As your orthodontist in Melbourne, Dr. Reddick can work with you to develop and implement a treatment plan.

What Are Clear Ceramic Braces?

Clear ceramic braces do the same sort of shifting of the teeth over time as traditional metal wire braces, to give you a straight smile. One big difference between clear braces and wire ones is the materials that are used. As the name implies, clear ceramic braces are clear or tooth colored and made from ceramic material. This makes the appliances nearly invisible in many cases, so that no one has to know you are undergoing treatment.

Just like traditional braces, clear ceramic braces can correct moderate to severe shifting of the teeth over a period of time. The main difference is that the ceramic ones are much less obtrusive. You can smile and go about your life like normal, because people will barely notice that you are wearing them.

Clear Ceramic Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Clear ceramic braces and traditional braces are both wonderful treatments for straightening the teeth. They both work on the same basic principle. Brackets are cemented to the teeth, and then a flexible wire is run through the brackets and attached to the backs of the back teeth. The wire is then adjusted at follow up appointments each visit so that it becomes progressively tighter over time. This shifts the teeth into the desired location after a period of about 18 to 30 months (for most people). The length of treatment depends on the amount of shifting that needs to take place.

The materials of clear ceramic braces are not as sturdy as the metal brackets in traditional braces. Ceramic isn’t as tough as metal, obviously. Therefore, patients wearing ceramic braces need to be extra mindful about biting down on hard foods and other activities that could potentially damage the brackets. It’s not the end of the world if a bracket is damaged. Your orthodontist can simply replace it.  Although it may not cost you money, it does cost you time, so it’s best to take really good care of your braces.

Here are some additional comparisons of clear ceramic versus traditional braces:


Most people find that the comfort of ceramic braces is similar to that of traditional metal braces.


Ceramic braces are usually more expensive than metal braces, due to the materials used. However, ceramic braces are typically a little less expensive than clear plastic aligners (and more effective at shifting the teeth than aligners for most people).

Bracket Size: 

Ceramic brackets are less painful, they are usually a bit more bulky than traditional metal braces, although the difference is so minor it is almost negligible.

Teeth Staining: 

The area underneath braces, whether metal or ceramic, is protected against staining and damage.  However, the area around the braces, regardless of material, is at risk for damage if not kept consistently clean.  It is of extreme importance that proper hygiene is maintained throughout treatment or there is a high likelihood for damage to occur.

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