Choose Dr. Reddick as Your Orthodontist in Melbourne

When you make the decision to get braces, there’s a lot to consider. How much will it cost? How will it affect your daily routine? How long will treatment take? Not to mention you will need to select an orthodontist to design and carry out your treatment plan. If you’re considering seeking orthodontic treatment we encourage you to consider Dr. Chad Reddick as your orthodontist in Melbourne, FL.

Dr. Reddick is committed to providing each and every one of his patients with the best care possible. Through his thorough education, his dedicated staff, and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment practices, Dr. Reddick is able to provide an effective treatment plan, designed specifically for you and your needs. Melbourne native Dr. Reddick attended the University of Florida, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham before returning to his hometown to practice orthodontics.

Your orthodontist should not only straighten your teeth, but should make you feel comfortable and cared for throughout the process. Contact your orthodontist in Melbourne, FL today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Reddick.