Brush Those Braces: Maintaining Your Oral Hygiene

Think that those metal brackets and wires are a good reason to skip out on your brushing or flossing routine? Think again! It’s just as important as ever to keep up on your oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. Here are a few reminders from your Melbourne orthodontist on keeping your pearly whites looking great, even with braces.

-Keep your toothbrush busy. Whether your toothbrush of choice is manual or battery-powered, continue brushing at least two times a day, for two minutes each time. With braces, though, you may want to brush after each meal. How do you know if your brushing is thorough enough? You should be able to see the edges of your nice clean brackets when your work is done!

-Rinse it out. Rinse your mouth with water whenever you absolutely can’t brush your teeth. But in addition, use a mouth rinse after brushing to freshen your breath and give your oral hygiene a boost.

-Keep it flossy. You may be wondering how you’ll ever be able to floss during orthodontic treatment. There actually a variety of tools, such as a floss threader, made specifically to help you get in between each tooth, even with wires in the way!

Your smile investment begins with braces, but is powered by your oral hygiene. So establish a good routine of brushing and flossing and stick to it – before, during, and after your orthodontic treatment. Healthy teeth are the key to smile success stories!