Braces Myths Busted


Approximately four million people in the U.S. have braces. Which makes wearing braces a pretty common thing to see. So why are people nervous to have them put on? For as long as braces have been around, rumors about braces have been around. Of course getting braces can be nerve wracking, but it does not have to be frightening. If so many people have had and currently have braces, they can’t be so bad, right? Here are some common braces myths and the truth behind them.

Two people kissing with braces will get stuck together

The most popular braces myth of all, the dreaded kiss and lock. Have no fear! Kiss away, this only happens in cartoons. Braces these days are made as small and sleek as possible so that they are virtually impossible to get stuck together if two braced mouths should come in contact. They are also not made of any magnetic materials so the attraction during braced kissing is strictly emotional. Feel free to smooch all you want and walk away when you are finished.


Braces have to hurt to work

There have been huge advancements in the world of orthodontics. Tons of time, energy, and research has been put into finding the best materials and processes to make braces as comfortable and effective as possible. Braces have never been better than they are right now and painful experiences with braces are a thing of the past.

Braces will set off metal detectors

The materials that braces are made of will not set off any metal detectors, you are clear for takeoff from airports and free to walk through library doors, etc. Braces are lightweight enough that metal detectors are not able to pick them up and set off any alarms.

Metal braces are the only treatment for straight teeth

For getting the straight teeth that you are looking for, Melbourne Orthodontics offers several options. Of course there are the standard metal braces, but if you are looking for a more discreet method of straightening your smile, we also offer clear ceramic braces and invisalign.

Clear ceramic braces are much like traditional metal braces except the brackets are made with a clear material as opposed to the metal color. They are a good option for someone who does not want their braces to be noticeable.

Invisalign is the least noticeable of alignment options. The invisalign technique uses custom-made clear aligners created for your mouth specifically. The aligners shift your teeth into place gradually and gently, without the use of metal brackets and wires.

Braces can rust

These days, braces are made with extremely strong and lightweight material like titanium alloy and stainless steel which are unable to rust. Braces are designed to be in human mouths for long periods of time with no rust build up.

Braces start working right away

The idea of braces is to gradually shift teeth into position without causing any pain. So no, you will not see results immediately when braces are put on. Trust your orthodontist and give braces time to do their job. Your doctor will walk you through the timeline of when you should expect to notice a difference. Patience is a virtue and you will see the beautiful outcome in due time.

Braces increase the chance of being struck by lightning

The chance of being struck by lightning, according to National Geographic is one in 700,000 and this does not change by wearing braces. Although it is not recommended to walk around in a lightning storm, your braces will not be the problem.

The removal date of braces is set in stone

An estimated date of when braces will be finished doing their job and removed is given at the time the braces are put on. However, that is not guaranteed in all cases. It is extremely important that things such as rubber band and retainer use is followed so that the expected date can be as accurate as possible. The goal is to have teeth put in the correct place and sometimes that may take longer than expected.