At Melbourne Orthodontics We Wear Hawley Retainers

At Melbourne Orthodontics we strongly encourage our patients to wear a retainer for their lifetime following orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment is a lifelong investment, and retainers are the only way to ensure that your teeth don’t revert back to their original state. We’d like to share a little information about the types of retention available and our preferred appliance.

While there are three common types of retainers, as your orthodontist in Melbourne we prefer Hawley retainers for several reasons. Hawley retainers are made of hard plastic and wire and can be removed. Another option is a clear soft retainer, which requires frequent replacement, and the cost is comparable to that of a Hawley retainer. Permanent retainers can come loose, only noticing once the tooth has shifted back to an undesirable position. As your orthodontist in Melbourne, we believe that these permanent fixtures can also make it difficult to achieve optimal oral hygiene.

Hawley retainers are effective without hindering your oral hygiene. When cared for properly these types of appliances can last you a lifetime. That’s why everyone in here at Melbourne Orthodontics office proudly wears a Hawley retainer.