All You Want for Christmas is Straighter Teeth

You already have your two front teeth, but they aren’t as straight as you would like. It’s almost the new year and one resolution you could make yourself is to finally get those braces or Invisalign you’ve always wanted. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a beautiful, aligned smile. At Melbourne Orthodontics, we can give you the gift of straight teeth this Christmas.

The misconception that braces are too expensive to fit in your budget this winter should be a thing of the past. We have many financial options when it comes to giving you the smile you deserve. There is no set fee for braces. That is because we know that not everyone has the same financial situation. And unlike Christmas stockings, braces are not one size fits all. There are various payment options available, as well as flexible spending accounts. We accept all types of insurance and we do our best to make sure you are able to take advantage of all orthodontic coverage benefits. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards to make payments more convenient for our patients.

We want the Orthodontic treatment that you or a family member needs to fit into your budget, which during the holidays can sometimes be a tight squeeze. We will do what we can to get you the treatment you need for the price you can afford. No matter what else is on your Christmas list.

Braces are not the only thing you can put on your Christmas list from Melbourne Orthodontics. Our traditional braces are a great option for straightening teeth and creating an even more beautiful smile. However, we also offer other options for straightening teeth, as well as solutions for fixing other orthodontic issues. Here are some other things to ask Santa for:

Clear Ceramic Braces- These braces work the same as the traditional kind but have clear brackets that are not as noticeable as metal. They are great for any patients who want a more camouflaged option this winter.

Invisalign- For patients who do not want their braces to be seen at all, Invisalign may be the best option. These are clear retainers that gradually move the teeth and are practically invisible to the eye, but Santa knows they’re there. Invisalign is a popular option among adult patients as well as anyone who is feeling a bit self conscious about the way traditional braces appear.

Appliances- If you are in need of any retainers, nightguards, or expanders, we are the place you need to be. We can make any appliances custom fit to your mouth that won’t wear down with time. Appliances are great for situations such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding, or jaw misalignment that is causing migraines. We know that holiday shopping can be a headache, but your teeth shouldn’t contribute to the problem.

Adult Orthodontics- It may seem as though braces are just for kids, but that is not true. You are never too young to get the smile you deserve. Set up an appointment and learn more about which treatment option is best for you. Consider it a Christmas gift to yourself.

Surgical Orthodontics- If there are issues concerning the jaw structure that cannot be corrected through traditional braces, Melbourne Orthodontics provides surgical treatment that can fix the bite quickly and efficiently.

Early Treatment- This falls under any treatment that is necessary before all permanent teeth have made their entrance. We only recommend early treatment in some rare cases as it can prevent damage from occurring while waiting for the permanent teeth to erupt. More often than not, braces will be necessary after the early treatment is finished.

This season there will be lots of gifts given that will make you smile. Let one of the reasons you smile be the gift of a more comfortable, beautiful, long lasting smile that you are proud of. Call Melbourne Orthodontics to schedule an appointment and get yourself one step closer to a smile that is Christmas card worthy!