Acknowledging National Children’s Dental Health Month

Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month from the staff at Melbourne Orthodontics! While orthodontic treatment is typically reserved for adolescents and adults, healthy teeth start early on, so it’s vital that we raise awareness of the importance of practicing proper dental health care at a young age. As your orthodontist in Melbourne, we also think it’s a great reminder to take extra special care of your teeth while wearing braces!

National Children’s Dental Health Month is sponsored by the American Dental Association each February and is intended to help educate children and their caregivers about the importance of practicing good dental health early on in life. The ADA has done a wonderful job making the campaign kid friendly, complete with the slogan, “Defeat Monster Mouth,” and fun character posters. The story is that the McGrinn twins, Flossy and Buck team up with Den and Gen Smiley and K-9 the dog to defeat Plaqster the Monster. The only way to defeat Plaqster is to brush, floss, rinse, and eat healthy snacks throughout your life!

At Melbourne Orthodontics we hope that you find February to be educational for you and your children. As your orthodontist in Melbourne we remind you that keeping up with your dental health during your orthodontic treatment is essential to achieving the healthiest smile that you can.