A Guide To Your Straight Smile

A straight smile is going to provide lifelong benefits that you might not even be aware of. Every person’s path to a straight smile will be slightly different, depending on a number of factors. Working with an orthodontist in Melbourne, FL is a process that will take time, but the end result will be that straight and beautiful smile you have always wanted!

Lifelong Benefits of a Straight Smile

Lifelong Self-Confidence

The main reason why people choose to straighten their teeth is aesthetic. Straight teeth help us to feel better about ourselves, and this has wide-ranging implications for every area of life. Kids with a straight smile are more confident in school; adults are more confident in social and professional settings.

Teenagers with straight teeth feel less self-conscious about their looks and appearance. Adults with straight teeth actually look younger. So, no matter what stage of life you’re in, there are aesthetic benefits to having straight teeth!

Lifelong Improved Oral Health

Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss than teeth that have gaps or overlaps between them. Gaps and overlaps in the teeth create hard-to-reach spots where food can get stuck and plaque can start to build up. This can eventually lead to cavities or gum disease.

Straight teeth are less likely to be overly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures of foods and drinks. They are also less likely to stain over time, because they receive better care from routine brushing and flossing. When the teeth are not straight, it can lead to uneven distribution of pressure when biting down. Over time, this can lead to advanced wear and tear on the teeth.

Improved Overall Health

There is a growing body of research that shows a clear link between oral health issues and heart disease. When a person develops gum disease, harmful bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and then lead to coronary artery disease, diabetes or respiratory problems. As mentioned above, patients with a straight smile are less likely to develop gum disease and other accompanying problems, because their teeth are easier to care for.

People with straight teeth are also less likely to grind their teeth during sleep (bruxism), which can cause headaches and jaw pain. Crooked teeth and alignment issues can make it more difficult to chew your food, which can lead to digestive problems and even leads to absorbing less nutrition from improperly chewed food.

Reduce Future Dental Bills

Correcting bite issues and straightening a patient’s teeth is always best done in the early stages of a problem. The longer you wait to straighten your teeth, the greater the likelihood will be that treatment will be more expensive and even more painful down the road. Working with a Melbourne orthodontist for preventive maintenance now will almost always be less expensive than delaying the treatment.

Methods of Straightening Teeth

Everyone’s journey to a straight smile is going to be slightly different. For example, one child might require some early tooth extractions of primary teeth to make more room in a crowded jawline when the adult teeth erupt; this might be followed by treatment with braces later on, and then wearing a retainer for several years. An older teen might only require slight shifting with Invisalign clear aligners, followed by wearing a retainer. It all depends on the patient’s age, jaw and tooth development, and how much the teeth need to be shifted.

Traditional Braces

Traditional metal and wire braces remain one of the most common and affordable methods for achieving a straight smile.

Ceramic Braces

These braces are less obvious because they are tooth-colored. They’re a good option for older teens and adults who don’t want others to know they’re having their teeth shifted.


The clear plastic aligners are molded to fit your teeth perfectly and to shift them over time. You will receive new aligners every few weeks as the teeth shift. They’re very nearly invisible and no one will know you’re receiving treatment with them.


Retainers are often required after the teeth have been adjusted, to keep them from shifting out of place. They can also be used to correct a single minor issue, such as a single gap or one tooth that is out of place.

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