8 Most Interesting Things About Braces

Are you thinking about the long-term health of your teeth, and how braces can benefit your teeth in the years to come? At Melbourne Orthodontics, we make getting braces as simple as smiling. Parents know all too well how expensive dentist visits can be over a period of time. Crooked, damaged, and uneven teeth cost thousands of dollars, and countless hours of treatment.

We offer several solutions for parents, teens, and adults who are looking for lasting results. While every patient is different, teeth are basically the same. They grow, shed, decay, and grow back again. However, it is how they grow back that can create a problem. Both crooked and uneven teeth requires special attention and early intervention. At Melbourne Orthodontics, we highly recommend the use of braces.

8 Most Interesting Things About Braces, they might not know.

Interesting Fact #1- Braces are considered the most effective means to treating malocclusion, or a bad bite.

After all, not all teeth are created equal. Did you know that the dentist considers a perfect bite to be one where the top teeth slightly overlap the bottom teeth, and the back molars are aligned in such a way that chewing is an art and not a problem? Not many mouths meet this criteria. Misaligned teeth are often crooked, damaged, uneven, and very unattractive. In some cases, malocclusion can cause emotional and psychical pain. Braces can set bad teeth straight, once and for all.

Interesting Fact #2- Braces Can Correct Most Inherited Dental Problems

Parents can detect the onset of problematic dental concerns their children may be experiencing as early as seven years old. However, children should visit their dentist beginning at age two. This is the age most toddlers start to get their first set of teeth. Bad teeth, or misaligned teeth, are mostly the results of thumb sucking. Nevertheless, some problematic teeth are inherited. Since most children get the majority of their permanent teeth around seven years old, orthodontists can intervene, and insist on inserting braces to correct future dental problems.

Interesting Fact # 3- Braces are Invisible to the Naked Eye

It’s true. Years ago, everyone had to wear the same type of metal braces, because invisible braces were not yet invented. Today, braces have a new look and feel. Not only are they invisible, they are inserted behind your teeth, for less exposure. If you are shy and afraid to smile, don’t worry. Your smile will be as perfect as your teeth.

Interesting Fact # 3- Your Color- Coordinated Braces Will Fit in Perfectly with Your Wardrobe

That’s right! You can change the color of your braces rubber band, at each orthodontic appointment. Think how cool it will be to wear your school colors in your mouth. Have a particular holiday you want to celebrate or do you have mood swings, you want to acknowledge?  No problem. Just let the orthodontist know you want to change the color on your rubber band, and you’re good to go.

Interesting Fact #4- Traditional Metal Braces are Now Cooler than Ever

If you want metal braces, but are afraid of the bulky look, don’t fret. Traditional metal braces have a new look. The braces are smaller, the wires are thinner, and the braces are more effective at straightening your teeth.

Interesting Fact #5- Floss without Using a Threader

Keeping your braces clean, sound like a dreadful, way to spend your time? Think again. Your orthodontics can show you a great, time saver way to floss your teeth. A special flosser is use to get underneath those troublesome wires, and between your teeth. Best of all, you don’t need a threader. Now that’s progress.

Interesting Fact #6- Make Good Use of Your Brace Bag

When you are not wearing your braces, make good use of your bag. You can include everyday items you need like lip gloss, a floss kit, a dental brush, and a small mirror. After all, you want to look your best at home, at work or at school.

Interesting Fact #7- Pain Only Last a Short Time

Sure, getting braces do hurt, but not for long. After your braces have been in for 24 hours, the less painful they are. Although, your braces have to be tightening every so often. Eventually, they will become a part of everyday life.

Interesting Fact #8- Braces are Temporary

Yes, your braces are temporary. After you have worn your braces for a specific time frame, your orthodontics may insert retainers. Retainers are more comfortable than braces, and you can remove them and insert them on your own.