5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Braces

While everyone knows that braces are a great way to achieve a straight smile, there are a number of misconceptions and unknown facts too. The friendly and caring experts at Melbourne Orthodontics are here to help you dispel braces myths, learn little known facts, and find out exactly how much braces can benefit your life. If you’re considering braces but want to know more about them, keep reading to find out five facts you might not know.

1. There’s More Than One Option

Traditional metal braces are the teeth straightening option that most people are familiar with, but they’re definitely not the only choice. Melbourne Orthodontics also offers clear ceramic braces and Invisalign aligners.

2. You’ll Actually Notice a Change in Your Bite

While you already know that braces will change the appearance of your teeth to give you a straight smile, you might not realize that they can actually change the way your teeth feel, too. Most patients experience a significant change in their bite, which means that your teeth fit together more efficiently than they ever did before. You’ll feel a little different when biting down or chewing, and that’s a good sign: it means your braces are doing their job and realigning your teeth.

3. Flossing is More Important Than Ever

The importance of flossing with braces is significant. Some patients think that flossing around brackets and wires will be nearly impossible, and that may lead them to slack on oral hygiene. That can leave the patient particularly prone to tooth decay and gum disease, so it’s important to learn good flossing techniques from Dr. Reddick and our certified orthodontic assistants. You can learn how to loop your dental floss under and around your wires without causing damage, and soon it’ll take just a little extra time. There are also specially-made orthodontic flossers that make flossing even easier.

4. Missing Appointments Could Extend The Time You Wear Braces

Your appointments at Melbourne Orthodontics are more than just check-ups. Dr. Reddick also shifts your teeth through tightening during these visits, which means that missing appointments can end up extending the time you need your treatment for. By missing a few appointments, you could end up needing extra months in braces because your teeth aren’t shifting the way they should be. If you want the fastest and most efficient correction, and the least amount of time straightening your teeth, so stick closely to your appointment schedule!

5. It’s Never Too Late For Braces

When you think of braces, you may think of them as a teenage rite of passage. However, things are changing on that front.  Today, children may get orthodontic treatment earlier in life, at around age 10-11, because it’s very effective to correct the bite early. In fact, early treatment orthodontics may start as early as age seven for many young patients today. There are also a rapidly growing number of adults choosing other orthodontic options these days. If you’ve always been unhappy with the way your smile looks, you can still get your teeth straightened as an adult. Options like Invisalign and clear ceramic braces now make it incredibly easy and convenient to correct the alignment of your teeth in a subtle, almost invisible way.

Melbourne Orthodontics offers Melbourne, Florida patients top-notch orthodontic care for all ages. Metal braces, clear ceramic braces, dental appliances, Invisalign, surgical orthodontics, retainers, and night guards are all available for children, teens, and adults. For a caring expert orthodontist in Melbourne, FL, contact Melbourne Orthodontics today!