4 Tips to Love Your Braces from Your Melbourne Orthodontist

As your Melbourne orthodontist, we know that getting braces is a big deal. Whether you are a pre-teen, teenager, or adult that has just started orthodontic treatment, there is a lot of change involved! To help you be prepared for this transitional time, here are our top four tips to help you LOVE your braces.

  1. Embrace them. Sure, they may feel a little funny at first and you won’t be chewing on gum for awhile, but you have a need for braces and now they are here! So accept the changes and embrace the fact that you are taking proactive steps to improve your smile.

  2. Express yourself. You may be wondering how you can use your braces as a means of self-expression – the answer is rubber bands! Each time you make your monthly visit to the orthodontist, think about what color bands you’d like to try next. Coordinate with your best friend, or show your support for your favorite sports team.

  3. Take good care of your teeth. Just because your teeth are hosting some additional parts and pieces in the form of brackets and wires doesn’t mean that you can slack off on your oral hygiene. In fact, you’ll find your braces to be more comfortable and more attractive if you brush often and floss regularly.

  4. Focus on the goal. Orthodontic treatment can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of, along with correct bite alignment and improved oral health. Those life-long benefits are something to smile about!

So if you’re contemplating orthodontic treatment, or have just had braces put on, follow the steps above to make your braces a new part of who you are. By following your orthodontist’s instructions and maintaining good oral hygiene, you’ll have your braces off in no time – with a smile to last a lifetime!