4 Things to Think About When Choosing Braces

If you’re considering braces to straighten your smile, you’ll need a skilled orthodontist like Dr. Reddick to perform the treatment. You’ll also need Dr. Reddick’s expertise when it comes to selecting the right type of braces for your unique situation.

Choosing Braces

While you’ll be guided by Dr. Reddick and our staff to ensure your orthodontic treatment is successful, you’ll also have some choices to make. Gone are the days when you had only one choice when it comes to braces! To help you understand your options, we’ve compiled four things you should consider when choosing braces to beautify your smile.

  1. Metal or Clear?

Traditional metal braces have served as the gold standard in orthodontia for decades, and continue to be the most common type of braces. Silver brackets are attached to your teeth. A silver metal  wire is attached to the brackets using metal or colored plastic ties. Together, the brackets and wire help to move your teeth into alignment. While metal brackets are quite common, some people opt for clear brackets to make their orthodontic treatment less noticeable. Many adults choose this option.

  1. Plastic or ceramic?

If you opt for clear braces, you’ll have the option of plastic or ceramic brackets. Plastic tends to discolor due to interactions with food and drink; ceramic won’t discolor at all. That’s probably why ceramic is the most popular option for clear braces. The plastic ties that connect the wire to the brackets can discolor, but they are changed at every visit.

  1. Inside or Outside?

Traditional braces are located on the outside of your teeth where they are visible anytime you smile, eat or open your mouth. Some people have the option of lingual braces which are located on the inside of your teeth. Patients like them because they’re difficult to see. However, they can be more difficult to keep clean as it’s harder to see behind your teeth.

  1. Traditional or Modern?

Whether clear or metal, traditional braces work the same way to move your teeth. A newer option is called Invisalign. This treatment option uses a series of plastic trays to gently move your teeth over time. Many adults and teens choose this option since it’s more cosmetic and your teeth are easier to clean during treatment.

Indeed, when getting braces, you have a lot of options to consider. Dr. Reddick will help guide you to the right type of treatment for your mouth. The best way to determine the type of braces that are right for your teeth is by scheduling a consultation.

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