4 Must-Know Things When Having Your Braces Removed

Few words bring as much joy to the heart of an orthodontic patient as hearing that their course of treatment is nearing the end. The months of diligent dental care, visits to the orthodontist, and crunchy food avoidance are coming to an end! But before you sit in that waiting room spot one last time, what are some things you should know? Here are some important facts about getting your braces off!

  • Things change: Yes, your orthodontist may have said that your braces should be ready to come off on a certain date, but things change – or don’t. There are a lot of moving pieces involved in straightening a smile and correcting a bite. Sometimes one or more of these pieces doesn’t do exactly what the doctor expected in the specified time period – so be patient.
  • Your teeth will feel strange and your gums may be tender: After not being able to run your tongue across a smooth surface for what feels like forever, it’s a weird sensation but a great feeling! Also, don’t go crazy with the crunchy or chewy foods right away – your gums might be a little irritated at first after such a long absence from crunchy foods!
  • Good dental hygiene pays off: If you took good care of your teeth and kept up with routine dental hygiene, you’ll have little to worry about when your braces come off. If not, you may have tartar buildup or white marks on your teeth from decalcification. In either case, now is a perfect time to schedule a regular dental cleaning with your primary dentist.
  • Retainer time: Despite the fact that your braces are gone, it’s time to meet your next best friend – a retainer. Wearing this removable appliance according to your orthodontist’s directions is absolutely ESSENTIAL to keeping that straight smile you went through so much to attain.

If your braces are coming off soon, you’ll have plenty of reasons to smile. From the team at Melbourne Orthodontics in Melbourne, congratulations to all our Smile Success stories and we look forward to many more!