3 Tips to Keep Ceramic Braces Looking Their Best

Patients of Melbourne Orthodontics choose ceramic braces as a treatment option for a variety of reasons. Often, cosmetic considerations are a big factor in choosing ceramic braces over traditional metal brackets. But what should you know to keep these more natural-looking braces looking their best for the duration of treatment? Consider the following tips:

Brush Your Teeth Regularly – Of course orthodontists always encourage frequent toothbrushing, but it’s especially important for ceramic braces to prevent staining of clear elastics.

Limit Consumption of Foods that Stain – Tomato-based products (like salsa and spaghetti) can stain the clear elastics around your brackets. Other top stain inducers include coffee, tea, or berries. Don’t feel like you always have to skip your favorite foods though – just be sure to brush right after.

If you choose ceramic braces, follow the tips above and make sure to visit your orthodontist regularly to keep them looking great. You’ll enjoy the treatment process more and have a straighter smile in no time!